Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Bald Frog Who Wore a Wig. Blogger asked me to tell a story with that as its title. This is what I came up with.......

There once was a bald frog who wore a wig. In his younger days, this frog was an extremely successful frog star. Girls and women all over the world wanted him to be their frogfriend. At that time, it was trendy to wear long, teased out and maybe even bleached blonde hair. So, the frog did wear his hair that way. He even had taken classes in hair design to be up on his game.

He sang fun songs and all the frogs in the land paid good money and sang along with him and enjoyed his performances greatly. Celebrity can be fickle, however, and this particular frog's ride was soon over.

Although he tried desperately to keep his identity popular, the days of long, teased hair and loud, silly songs had passed. Many years passed and he was asked to do a television show. The frog was delighted! He was finally getting a second chance to be famous. The show was to be called "Frog of Love" and he would have to debase himself on a regular basis with women who had serious issues with self respect but wanted fame just as desperately as he did.

The frog was not a bad frog. He was a sweet, sensitive, fun loving frog. He missed the heyday of twenty some years ago when the whole world adored him and his antics. He missed the high of being famous and that itself can make a frog do desperate things to close the gap they may feel.

Over the years, the frogs hair had fallen out. Yes, it's true. He was balding. He was a very handsome frog. Beautiful face, engaging eyes. But he longed to be that same young frog he once was. So, he wore a long blonde wig. To make sure it stayed on, he also wore a bandana, sometimes called a "doo-rag" to keep it in place. He also, at times, wore a cowboy hat over the "doo-rag" and the wig. The cowboy hat was a bit of trademark from his younger days as he used to wear one when he sang his famous ballad "Every Frog Has its Croak". Wearing it now, made him feel young again.

So, off he went, to Hollywood to fulfill his television contract and be famous once again. But, for his real fans, the ones who used to go to his concerts and enjoy his performances not just because of how he looked but because of the wonderful zest for life he displayed, they felt that he had sold out. They were disappointed that he seemed so out of touch with reality. That he would allow these women to behave in such a profane, sad, even sick at times, way just to win his attention.

Some may say, he is a one trick frog. Personally, I think there's more to him than that. I just wish he felt the same way.

The moral of the story is that no matter how exciting or fun the past was, that's just it - it was. You can't reclaim it, but you can reclaim yourself. You can show the world who you are and what you can do and so long as you enjoy what you're doing, and you know you're giving it your best and putting your heart into it and honestly respecting yourself and your talent, then it really doesn't matter whether you're bald or have hair. It only matters what is in your heart and if you're willing to share it.