Sunday, January 18, 2009


Wow. So. After much speculation and debate - here it is. My blog! At my brother's gentle guidance, I am finally giving this an honest try.

I have named this blog Happy Mind, Happy Body, Happiness because that is my motto and my life goal every single day. I am not a particularly religious person but I am quite spiritual. I don't believe in force feeding opinions or beliefs upon anybody. I think it's important to be open minded and open hearted. Is that even a word?

I have had head and neck cancer twice. Both times it was caught pretty late in the game so the treatments were dramatic and even death defying. As terrifying as those experiences were, I feel very grateful and blessed to have lived through them. I am a better person for having survived such breathtaking experiences. It's made me see life very differently. In it's entirety. I try not to take any thing or any one for granted. I am genuinely in love with life. The smallest things present such amazement for me now. I wouldn't trade my life for anybody else's. Honestly.

Which brings us to this blog. I decided to start it because I really feel I have a voice and I think I'm ready for it to be heard.


  1. Hi Mindy! Welcome to the blogosphere. Good to see you here! :-)

  2. Thank you Wildy! I owe it all to you! Yay!

  3. U´r great, and i´m going to post a permanent link of your blog on my blog.
    It´s a recent blog and it is basically a bit of what i saw on your about me, JUST BE HAPPY :)

    post scriptum: Saw on your last post "I'll hopefully be inspired to write again soon......"- Well... it´s time 4 a post :)